Friday, April 24, 2015

What's Your Brew?

My dear friend Tara is changing the world one post at a time. Her heart is pure gold and her desire to share who she is and let others in on her life is inspiring. She had the brilliant idea to have people step out and allow others get to know their hearts a little better by answering the question, "What's Your Brew?" So with Tara as my inspiration, here's 20 little known facts about me...
If I could be a Disney Princess I would most definitely be Cinderella not because of the Prince or her fairy Godmother, but because of her relationships with animals. True story. I have a huge heart for animals.
I have this constant fear gnawing at me that I'm just not good enough...I have to do my best to silence it everyday.
My love language is Words of Affirmation...just say nice things to me and I'll be your best friend.
Growing up I dreamt of being a teacher. I was a classroom teacher for 6 years until God closed that door and opened one for me in children's ministry. This is something that surprised me. I love that God is full of surprises.
I love getting lost in a book. Listening to my husband read aloud to me is one of the things that relaxes me most.
You could call me old school...I love checking out actual books from the library, buying CD's, writing my notes on a notepad, journaling on paper and listening to the radio.
I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.
I enjoy getting dressed up, but hardly ever paint my nails and I have no clue how to really do my hair or make-up for special occassions.
I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We survived a long distance college relationship and I still have a crush on him.
I'd rather wear hiking boots than high heels.
I eat Nutella by the spoonful and don't feel guilty about it.
I have lived in the same state my entire life and have no plans to move. 
My whole world changed for the better the moment I met my son.
I believe in God's deep love for me and for you. After being a Christian for almost my entire life I'm just now truly beginning to understand the depth of this love and how to live out my faith. 
I just tried Chai tea for the first time this year and am making up for lost time.
I'm Type A all the way. I always like to have a plan even on days when we are just hanging out at home. Sometimes it drives me crazy that my mind is constantly on the move.
I am an outfit saver. When I get new clothes I wait until the "perfect occasion" to wear them often meaning that I don't wear them for months. Oops. 
I am super sensitive and feel very in tune with how the people around me are feeling. When I was a little girl I had to have every single one of my stuffed animals on my bed for fear that they would feel "left out." I think this quality makes me a good friend.
I believe hand written notes are one of the most romantic and thoughtful gestures. 
I lack confidence in my self sometimes and allow doubt to creep in, so this activity was a stretch for me, but stretching the mind and soul is good for you. 
 From Tara: We all have different experiences, dreams, testimonies and a story to share with the world, someone-somewhere could be changed + inspired by you, sharing yours. I’d love for you to join us throughout the month of April to share your story, in one post, on Instagram or Facebook, in ten-twenty bullet points using the hashtag #WhatsYourBrew. Strip away the labels and let your light shine. Give the world an opportunity to get a glimpse of your heart, who you are, and what ingredients make up your ‘BREW’ [story].

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baby bowties + bunnies

There's really nothing cuter than a baby in a bowtie. Then add bunnies and I'm a puddle on the floor. I did my very best to just post a "few" of my favorites from Aiden's 5 month photo shoot. I love his little expressions, his rolls, his little delicious toes and how much he adored sitting with the bunnies. He laughed and giggled through our entire photo session. My heart could burst with all the love I have for him. I'll let the pictures do the talking in this post...let the baby cuteness commence.

Thank you Tracy and Little Rascals Photography for capturing these images of my sweet boy!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tales from the changing table

Ever since Aiden was a teeny, tiny newborn he has loved his changing table. It is what my husband and I lovingly refer to as his "happy place." He is a pretty content little man, but if he is ever upset, a quick trip to his changing table will fix that.
It was probably his changing table where we first saw him smile and I know it is where we first heard him laugh. It is the place that he makes the most noise and even if he is on the verge of falling asleep, he becomes wide eyed and bushy tailed as soon as we lay him down to change him. For some reason this kid just loves his changing table...and being naked.
Teething is upon us (dun dun duh) which can make for a fussy baby. Aiden's changing table along with some amazing teething toys have helped make this process easier on us as new parents. There are so many different teething toys out there that it's hard to know which ones to invest in. I've seen teething toys that resemble fake food like hot dogs and cheeseburgers (Ew), teething toys that look like a dog's chew toy (no thank you) and honestly I just want teething toys that work and help my little guy feel better. So I decided to try the Nuby 3 Stage Teether Set.
Right now Aiden doesn't have any teeth that have cut through and the doctor said he could be teething until he is 9 months old before ever even cutting a tooth...oh joy! This Nuby teething set comes with three different teethers and all natural teether wipes. Each of the teethers targets a different area of your baby's mouth. The stage 1 teether is amazing and targets the front of the mouth where the first teeth come in and is designed to massage a baby's delicate gums. It is also very easy for tiny baby hands to grip!
I have tried several other teethers and Aiden's favorites are Sophie the Giraffe and the MAM Mini Cooler from Target. This Nuby set is becoming a quick favorite as well. I love that each teether included in this set has a specific purpose to help out those poor teething babes because let's be real...teething is not fun for anyone involved. So the motto of this post is: find your baby's "happy place" and a good teether and just keep them in said happy place with that toy until teething is officially over.  It sounds good in theory, right?
Does your baby have a "happy place?"
What are some of your favorite teething toys?

You can find the Nuby 3 Stage Teether Set here.

I did receive this item free as part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program, but all opinions are my own!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Happy Friday friends! The sun is out and our big plans for the evening include a family walk at the park and dinner picnic style! Here are some other things that are making me smile...

A family friend who just so happens to be a fantastic photographer took some pictures of Aiden and I'm in love. I was so excited to actually get some pictures of just the two of us. I'll be devoting an entire post to these pictures so prepare yourselves for some baby spam.
The Rootbeer Stand is OPEN and dangerously close to our house.
It is finally warm enough to wear my cat Vans. Oh my gosh, I'm in love. Plus the money my husband paid for these shoes...some of it went to the SPCA. Win, win.
I am finally getting back in the swing of cooking meals consistently. It's about time right?! I have a post in the works about some simple, new mom friendly meals.
Spring means babies. One of my best friends just had her second baby boy and we are planning a visit this week to meet him. Another one of my dear friends is due with her second set of twins any day now as well!!!

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A little sunshine, a lotta love

It truly is amazing how much a little sunshine can do for your spirit. Lately I've felt a little discouraged. No particular reason, but I just feel like I'm in a bit of a rut. Drew and I haven't had much time alone together, work has been crazy, it's been gloomy outside and our house to-do list is forever long. I'm also still trying to figure out how to be productive most days. So when Mr. Sun decided to show up, I took full advantage.

Aiden absolutely loves being outside! The last few days I have taken a blanket and a few toys outside  and we spend our afternoons listening to the birds and watching the clouds drift above us. It's times like these that lift my spirits. I know this guy deserves all my attention and the laundry, planting, cleaning and decorating can wait.  He won't be little forever.
I love days like these. Days that remind me of the simple joys of life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Aiden's First Easter

Aiden's first Easter was definitely a special one. Being the typical picture loving gal that I am on top of being a new Mom, this is your warning....this post contains an overload of pictures!

We kicked off our weekend on Saturday by going to lunch with Drew's family at our favorite restaurant, Grand Finale! I ordered their salmon cakes (the best!) and we shared a few desserts because you can't go to Grand Finale and not get their desserts!
After lunch I had to go into church for a few hours to help run the evening Easter services, but Aiden opened his Easter basket (the first of 3) and went on a hike with his Daddy and Aunts and Uncles.
On Sunday we attended an awesome church service as a family and later we headed out to my Aunt and Uncle's farm for more Easter fun.
This year was extra special because Aiden was able to celebrate his first Easter with every single one of his Aunts and Uncles! That's a big feat considering several of them are from out of town. He seriously has the best looking group of Aunts and Uncles around. I mean come on!
Aiden got lots of love and witnessed his crazy family compete in egg and spoon relays, sack races and an Easter egg hunt complete with 20 dollar eggs courtesy of my Aunt Pam. These pictures make me laugh! Adult fun at it's finest. Haha.
I absolutely love seeing Aiden interact with the people I love so much. It is a special time of life and I am trying to soak in every second!
Great Aunt Pam
Uncle Josh and Aunt Carly
Uncle Arjun
Great Grandma JuneBug
What a beautiful day. We have so much to be thankful for if it isn't obvious enough in these pictures. But above all I'm thankful that Jesus is alive and that he cares about every detail of our lives.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.